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Snagsure offers the most comprehensive, professional, new build snagging inspection survey in the UK.  

Our extensive knowledge and experience within the construction industry, alongside a range of high-tech equipment including drones and thermal imaging cameras, ensures your investment is finished to the highest of standards. 

Our mission is to drive the quality of workmanship by inspecting your investment in the greatest of depth.   Point by point we will inspect to the finest of detail, ensuring that not only is your new build property built to correct standards but is finished to the finest detail.


Once the snagging survey is complete, we support you to ensure the work is rectified to the exact standards you were expecting.

Our team all have a Snagsure standard 20 years' experience that has led them to become a part of the amazing team here at Snagsure.  

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what we look for 

during your inspection we check:

  • Drone camera inspection of roof and guttering systems

  • Fire safety measures checked within your property

  • Heating system checks using thermal imaging camera

  • Borescope camera check on cavity wall insulation

  • Joinery quality check

  • Plastering and decoration quality checks

  • Garage and groundwork checks

  • Loft inspection review

  • Electrical test to circuits

  • Plumbing inspection for leaks

  • Level floor & square walls inspection 

  • Brickwork quality check


Steven Griffin | Company Director

Snagsure | New Build Snagging Surveyor

Culcheth | Cheshire

Tel: 07517 858586


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