Snagsure services



Moving into a new build property meant that a snagging survey by Steve was a no brainer for us and we would recommend anybody moving into a new property should do the same. We had our inspection done the day after we got our keys to our 3 bed detached new home. Steve couldn’t have been more helpful or professional. He made us feel very comfortable with his detailed approach, which left us feeling confident with the outcome of the report. The report was very easy to follow, pictures were taken for every snag and a easy to read description was available. This survey has put us at ease that our property has been built to a good standard with no major defects and this couldn’t have been verified without Snagsure’s expertise in the field. Thank you again Steve. 5 stars!

Really detailed and thorough inspection. Steven was down to earth and knowledgeable and picked on things we would never have been aware of. I would recommend Snagsure without hesitation, Steven is professional and highly qualified and knowledgeable. The inspection took only a few hours without any disruption to our day and without the need to move furniture. The many things that Steven found on our property that needed review varied from decorating snags to security and fire hazards that we would never had known about until it was too late. The detailed report has been an invaluable tool to use in correspondence with our building company and we are confident with the support of Snagsure we’ll get all of our new build issues rectified without unnecessary expense to ourselves. Thank you Steven!

After a bit of a nightmare with our developer, we enlisted Stevens help to pick up any further snags on our new build property. He was really accommodating and managed to squeeze us in after our completion date was initially moved back. The inspection itself was completed to a professional standard, Steven was really helpful and informative throughout his visit; explaining various snags in depth, without causing us any disruption. The report itself was excellent, it was returned quickly and provided us with the foundations to approach the developer regarding numerous issues. He has supported us throughout the whole process, ensuring that the issues identified are rectified as soon as possible. I highly recommend snagsure when moving into a new build property, you cannot put a price on a quality service and peace of mind.