Frequently asked questions

What is a snagging list?

A list of defects (snags) within your property form your snagging list. Snags are usually damaged, poorly finished or incorrectly constructed parts of your home.

What are the advantages of getting a professional new build snagging survey?

A professional snag inspector will use their specialist knowledge, experience and equipment to inspect your home. This will ensure your new home is not only built to the correct standards but also built to the professional finish you were expecting.

When should you get a snagging survey done?

We recommend having the survey shortly after you move in but by law you are within your rights to have professional inspection undertaken within the first 2 years of ownership and your developer has a legal obligation to rectify the issues.

Why do new builds have so many snags?

Demand for newbuild homes highlights a skills' shortage within the UK not only at trade level but in management also. To increase the speed of development to cope with demand, price work is introduced and this is where shortfalls can begin. This entire process can be incredibly difficult to manage if you do not have a great site team, unfortunately customers get caught in the crossfire of poor trades being managed by poor management.

What are the common issues you find with new builds?

Incorrectly fitted doors & associated ironmongery - poor plastering - poor fitting of staircases.

What does a new build NHBC warranty cover?

Your NHBC warranty is a 10 year warranty and insurance policy for new build homes designed to protect your new build from major structural defects. More information can be found here:

What areas of the UK do Snagsure cover?

We currently operate in: North west of England - 75 miles radius from Cheshire The Midlands - 75 miles radius from Solihull Should you reside outside the above areas please email before booking.

How do I book my snagging inspection?

By using our online booking calendar found on the snagging inspection prices page.

How long does a snagging survey take?

Our surveys take 4-7 hours depending on the size and specification of your home.

When will I receive my snagging report from Snagsure?

Your detailed report will be issued within 36 hours.

What will be in my snagging report?

Detailed easily understood photographic report highlighting all issues within the property. A separate report will be issued for the drone inspection and a video will be provided when possible.

What equipment do you use for a snagging survey?

We use a range of high-tech equipment including drones, thermal imaging cameras, borescope cameras, laser levels, and laser square measures.

How many snags do you usually find when inspecting a home?

How many snags we find depends on the property size and quality of the development. The average number ranges from 130 – 280 snags.